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On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Immigration

The United States is said to be one of the best countries in the world. The country has opportunity, unity, freedom, and some of the best educational systems in the world. Children from other countries grow up hearing about the American dream. The ability to make money and be yourself. Some countries are overrun with gangs, violence, and political corruption, so why wouldn’t someone want to leave?

Sometimes it’s a matter of safety. They are being threatened and have nowhere else to go. They pack up their belonging and move to where they know they will be safe. It’s not always planned maliciously; it’s just a way to protect yourself and your family. No reasonable person would want to be sent back to a country where they don’t feel safe.

Deportation is meant to remove a foreign person from a country, and it is a real problem today. Families are torn apart, and children are left to raise themselves. No one should have the right to remove you from the only home you have ever known. Except now, people only see the word immigrant; they don’t see there are hard-working people behind those labels. They see illegal immigrants as criminals when in reality, most flee to this great country for asylum. They escape for protection because their country can offer them the United States’ resources.

Everyone should have basic needs in life. Everyone should have Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Deportation doesn’t have to be your inescapable fate. You can fight back and stay in this country; we, at Castel & Hall, can make that happen for you. We will fight for your rights as people and ensure you have the chance for a better life. We can make it possible for your family to stay united, have the ability to provide for your family, and give them better live.

Castel & Hall is here for you every step of the way. No matter the story or situation, we will be in your corner.