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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse occurs when caretakers harm residents of long-term care facilities. Both intentional and unintentional harm may be considered abuse. It can result in trauma, medical emergencies and even death. Sadly, this is more common than people might think; as many as 1 in 3 older people have been victims of nursing home abuse.

Further, 2 in 3 staff members surveyed by the WHO claimed they had abused or neglected residents. A study from 2012 found that as many as 85% of assisted living facilities reported at least one case of abuse or neglect. In a 2019 NPR report, the Office of Inspector General found that 97% of nursing home abuse cases across five states were not reported to local law enforcement as required.

There are many forms of abuse, but the most prevalent is physical abuse. If nursing home staff members knowingly cause physical harm to residents, they are committing abuse. Common examples of physical abuse include pushing, kicking and hitting. There are also many other forms of abuse, such as emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse includes any action that harms an older person’s psychological well-being. Examples of emotional abuse include staff yelling at residents or taunting them. Staff members may also try to isolate the resident from friends and family. Emotional abuse can also happen if staff members belittle their patients and frequently make them feel lesser or like they don’t matter.

While it may not leave physical marks, it can be just as harmful. Nursing home residents who suffer from emotional abuse may experience anxiety and depression.

Neglect is also a momentous form of abuse. For example, some nursing home residents may be left unattended for extended periods, putting them in danger. In addition, nursing home neglect can lead to malnutrition, infections and bedsores, among other problems, which could worsen previous conditions and contribute to anxiety and depression.

Other types of abuse are also financial. Nursing home residents are also at risk of mismanaging their money, putting them at risk of elder financial abuse. For example, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that two nursing home employees stole over $750,000 from a resident with dementia before being brought to justice.

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