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Prescription Errors

A prescription error is any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm. In contrast, the medication is controlled by the health care professional, patient or consumer. Prescription errors typically occur when medical professionals have slip-ups, lapses in judgment or make mistakes. For example, writing an incorrect dose for higher or lower milligrams that a patient needs can lead to a person suffering more extensively.

There are erroneous prescription errors due to similarities in drug brand names or pharmaceutical names. However, prescribing errors, and inadequate lack of cooperation between doctors and nurses, with undefined roles concerning responsibility in prescribing, can generate a cascade of mistakes that can lead to adverse effects. Among doctors, stressful conditions, a heavy workload, a demanding work environment, poor communication within the team and not being in good physical and mental illness are among the primary causes of prescribing faults and prescription errors.

If you suspect this happened to you, come to Castel & Hall, LLP., where we can get you compensation for the effects the incorrect medication has had on you. We can also get you compensation for how it has affected your daily life, such as your physical and mental health, your ability to work and the loss of wages you have faced.