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Police Brutality And Discrimination

Racial discrimination happens against any individual based on skin color or racial or ethnic origin. Race discrimination also can involve treating someone brutally because of a person of a certain race or color. This form of harassment can include racial slurs, offensive or derogatory remarks about a person’s race or color, or the display of racially offensive symbols. Harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive environment.

Police brutality is one form of discrimination and is the excessive and unwarranted use of force by law enforcement against an individual or a group. It is an extreme form of police misconduct and civil rights violation. Police brutality includes beatings, shootings, improper takedowns and unwarranted use of tasers. In countries with high rates of killings by police, there is often a combination of factors, including inadequate laws, racial or other forms of discrimination, insecurity or conflict, and entrenched impunity.

If you have faced discrimination and police brutality that have ranged from assault and battery to torture, or murder, come to Castel & Hall, LLP., where we can fight for your rights not to be harassed by law enforcement. We can protect you from harassment cases such as false arrest and prevent you from being intimidated in court and facing verbal abuse.