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Premature Discharge

When going to the hospital, doctors must find out why you are there and treat that condition. After they treat you and see the improvement, they will discharge you. Usually, with some medication or another appointment to ensure you stay healthy. Except, there are times when releasing you will lead to more harm than good.

This is an issue that happens when a hospital is overcrowded or understaffed. However, these logistical issues do not excuse a hospital for failing to properly stabilize a patient’s condition, diagnose and treat a patient, and conduct necessary tests. You can prevent being discharged too early by raising the issue with the doctor treating you. It would help if you clarified that you still suffer from severe health conditions or discomfort and cannot care for yourself. It is vital to make sure they know that there is a possibility that you may worsen outside the hospital.

If you have been discharged too early, you can bring a medical malpractice claim to Caste & Hall, where we can help compensate you for your mistreatment. You will need an expert to testify that a competent health care professional in the same situation would not have found you ready to be discharged. Suppose you can establish the liability of a hospital or a doctor here at Castel & Hall, LLP., we can recover compensation for the pain and suffering you endured and any medical costs for follow-up treatment of your condition. We will also seek compensation for damages for lost income and earning capacity if the premature discharge caused complications with your working ability.