Immigration Law

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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Exceptional Expertise for Immigration Matters

Castel & Hall, LLP. continues to play a pivotal role in the protection of many of our immigration clients, some of whom, we have served since their initial application through their naturalization. Our team of immigration practitioners continue to help clients that have been targeted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for removal/ Deportation process, among others, as well as asylees and refugees, and business immigration cases. Our team of practitioners have a thorough understanding of the immigration processes and system, many of whom are direct or indirect beneficiaries of the U.S. immigration benefits and system. It is this passion that underpins their practice in this area – that you can expect them to bring to your matter.

Our Commitment to Zealous and Ethical Practice

Castel and Hall, LLP bring a great deal of zeal to each of our clients and any matters on which we are instructed, without compromising rules of ethics and canons of practice. After many years serving numerous clients, we have come to appreciate that no two matters or clients are the same. We understand that each single matter we handle, is representative of  a myriad clients' and people's rights that depend on us to zealously fighting for your right, to the very end. Let us take it from here, click to schedule an appointment with  Castel & Hall, LLP. A member of our team should reach out to you, momentarily.

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Our capabilities in terms of working with business law matters:
  • Deportation defense 
  • Family petition 
  • Adjustment of Status 
  • Business Visa petition 
  • Asylum 

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